Built to maximise playable space, our signature Kidszone™ makes group play interactive and fun.


Who says screens are anti-social? Our Kidszone™ Classic comes in single or double-sided options, with touchscreens capable of interacting with up
to 20 kids at a time!

With a range of exclusive Play9 content available, kids will love meeting unique characters, solving problems and testing their reflexes together.

No fall zones, safe, interactive, playful and built-to-last – no wonder they’re our most popular product around the world.

Inbuilt with IM to schedule content in real-time and receive anonymous game play analytics, or access our service and support team for help, or to arrange quarterly maintenance.


$19,500.00 Regular Price
$15,990.00Sale Price
  • Includes

    Touch gaming/illumination sides

    Sound and pressure activated saddle

    Discovery illuimation nose

    Friendly Bear Sound Effects

    IM analytics and scheduling (change sounds and light games)

    Easy wipe & clean

    Corian & Ply Design

    Installation requirements

    GPO is required

    No fall zone required

    1.2m circulation zone recommended

    Bolt-in required. Soft fall flooring (or similar)  recommended.