Every Kidszone Unit comes with a 30 day FREE Subscription!


This option is great if you'd like to pre-purchase now and not worry about it.


Our library is fantastic! A mix of games for all ages, persoanilities and abilities! You will have full control in changing & scheduling your content via your IM log in. And better still, you will be able to look at your LIVE anonomous nalytics, to see which games are the most popular and relevant for your audience!


A live subscription give you Licenced Access to use Play9 Games in your Commerical Space.


Like a Bespoke Game built for your brand? No problem - just add to your purchase (note: this will take 4-6 weeks and you will be gifted FREE Subscription in the meantime while you wait)


Price Options
Games Subscription
$1,196.00yearly/ auto-renew
  • Includes

    Over 30 games and constantly growing

    IM analytics and scheduling

    Full access to Play9 subscription games library

    Bespoke content (optional)

    Easy wipe & clean

    Installation requirements

    Ypou will be sent your unique IM log in and instructions to schedule content, you will also have access to a 1 on 1 LIVE tutorial from a Play9 team member if you'd like a live demosntration.

    High-speed internet connectivity (we STRONGLY RECOMMEND activating the use of our inbuilt  router with your product for best connectivity)

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