Will I automatically become a reseller?

No, you will need to submit an application - once we assess and work out if we are a good match - we will be in touch.

What products and services will I be reselling?

You will have access to a core (and our most popular!) range of products and games. 

What is the Reseller Structure and Commission?

Please​ contact us via the form - stating that you would like further information regarding this, we will share this with validated businesses and inquiries.

Does my company need experience in Play and technology?

Not necessarily - but it helps! Other areas of expertise (sectors) that align include Hospitals, Airports, Retail & Museums. 

Where are your products distributed from?

We currently dispatch from Australia and the UK.

What will you provide me to help represent Play9?

You will​ be provided a wide host of material, including product guides, video assets, social media support and spec sheets - pending applicant need we will also run a series of workshops to talk you through each product. More detail regarding the Sales process can be found in the application form.

Will I be the sole reseller in my region?

As a general rule we only want 1 core Reseller in each region - however, pending ​size of region - and areas covered this will be determined (with consultation).

Do I need to stock products?

No. Once you place an order through our reseller porthole, the item/s will be dispatched directly to your location of choice - usually, site location.

What is the lead time on my clients receiving goods?

Once a deposit is placed, goods will be dispatched within approximately 6 weeks

What about the games and content?

As part of your onboarding as a reseller we will take you through a system that allows your client (or if relevant: you) to log on and change games whenever you like, your clients will have direct access to our support desk for all LIVE in-market assistance. To see our ever-growing range of games - take a look at our website:

What about custom games?

Yes! Based on your client and branding needs - we can create custom game packs for you.