Play9 Studios was born out of the need to have a range of commercial Play Products that perfectly merge the world of Physical and Digital Play.

We pride ourselves on craft, quality & innovation - our HQ is based in Melbourne, Australia - with product dispatch ready from both London and Australia. The Reseller Kidszone Range has been carefully selected based on our most "in-demand" products - which can be implemented and incorporated into a range of spaces easily and effectively.

Our stunning range of Play9 Games, is available across the kidszone range - ready to schedule and change at the click of a button, via our smart IM system - providing not only a stunning Play product, but also a very smart one, with pre-built ability to schedule content and capture live anonymous analytics.

A multi-award winner in Design awards as well as a favorite amongst families - we are extremely proud of the range we have created and look forward to partnering with the right Resellers to represent the range. Please submit your interest to apply and a secure application form will be sent to you.

We cant wait to partner with like minded business around the globe - who appreciate smart design and know there clients will to.

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